Tory Schalkle

is a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at U.S. Bank

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Tory Schalkle is currently a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at U.S. Bank. His experience involves advising CEOs & senior executives, leading enterprise-wide strategy projects, launching an internal analytics venture, running a 10 person team, and growing a $300 million business by 13% annually.

Prior to management and corporate strategy, Tory Schalkle worked for a U.S. Senator and think tank. He is still passionately involved in his community, serving on Wayzata City Council’s Park & Trail Board, working with organizations to increase Minnesota’s talent retention, and helping non-profits that serve economically disadvantaged families. For example, the first non-profit Tory Schalkle helped form was awarded by President Obama as one of 10 “Champions of Change”. Another fundraiser he organized for a family (whose children were run over by a driver evading police) garnered headlines in major Minnesota papers and TV news.

Tory Schalkle and his wife are unabashed nerds – their first dates involved a PowerPoint presentation, attending an NPR show, and a state crossword tournament. They also love to travel – they have been to over 30 countries and have lived in Hong Kong and Norway.

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Recent News

Tory Schalkle US Bank
March 10, 2022

Tory Schalkle’s Non-Profit FirmFooting.org Shares New Website

Tory’s fortunate enough to benefit from the U.S. banking system, but saw some current gaps for financially illiterate and underbanked groups. He’s launched a pilot program to help address an initial need that became evident, which you can find out more about at FirmFooting.org

Wayzata Parks and Trails Board
March 25, 2021

Tory Schalkle Named Chair of the Wayzata Parks and Trails Board

Tory Schalkle recently discussed what’s ahead for the Wayzata City Council’s Parks and Trails Board and his leadership on it.   Tory Schalkle is a community enthusiast who is well respected in Wayzata, Minnesota. He was recently selected by peers to lead the Wayzata Parks and Trails Board. A local news organization recently interviewed Tory […]

Tory Schalkle
July 1, 2020

Tory Schalkle Discusses The Impact His Ancestor Had on South Dakota Wildlife

As recently released via EIN Presswire, Tory Schalkle discusses the impact his ancestor dad on South Dakota Wildlife: Though Tory Schalkle calls Minnesota home, his ancestor had a significant impact on the wildlife and culture of South Dakota. Before 1900, South Dakota a single pheasant – its now-iconic state animal. While they were some in the […]

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