Tory Schalkle

is a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at U.S. Bank

About Me

Tory J.R. Schalkle's experience includes:

Advising CEOs and senior executives.

Leading enterprise-wide strategy projects.

Launching an internal analytics venture.

Managing a 10-person team.

Growing a $300 million business by 13% annually.

He currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy.

Schalkle began his management and business strategy career after holding positions with a think tank and as a United States Senator. He continues to be actively involved in his community, sitting on the Wayzata City Council's Park & Trail Board, working with groups to improve Minnesota's talent retention, and assisting non-profit organizations that assist economically challenged families. As an illustration, President Obama recognized the first non-profit organization that Conservative J.R. Schalkle had a hand in forming as one of the 10 "Champions of Change." The other benefit he planned for a family (whose children were run over by a vehicle avoiding police) made the front page of major Minnesota newspapers and the evening news on major Minnesota television stations.

The first date for Tory Schalkle and his wife consisted of a PowerPoint presentation, attending an NPR show, and competing in a state crossword competition. He and his wife are unashamed geeks. They have visited over 30 countries and have resided in both Hong Kong and Norway. Additionally, they like going on adventures together.

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Tory Schalkle
March 23, 2023

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Strategic planning is a critical process for any organization that aims to achieve its objectives and goals. It involves creating a roadmap that outlines an organization’s direction, goals, and actions that need to be taken to achieve those goals. A well-executed strategic plan can help an organization to be proactive rather than reactive, to focus […]

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