Tory J. R. Schalkle

About Tory J. R. Schalkle

Tory J. R. Schalkle is a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy. His experience involves advising CEOs & senior executives, leading enterprise-wide strategy projects, launching an internal analytics venture, running a 10 person team, and growing a $300 million business by 13% annually.

Prior to management and corporate strategy, Tory J. R. Schalkle worked for a U.S. Senator and think tank. He is still passionately involved in his community, serving on Wayzata City Council’s Park & Trail Board, working with organizations to increase Minnesota’s talent retention, and helping non-profits that serve economically disadvantaged families. For example, the first non-profit Tory J. R. Schalkle helped form was awarded by President Obama as one of 10 “Champions of Change”. Another fundraiser he organized for a family (whose children were run over by a driver evading police) garnered headlines in major Minnesota papers and TV news.

Tory J. R. Schalkle and his wife are unabashed nerds – their first dates involved a PowerPoint presentation, attending an NPR show, and a state crossword tournament. They also love to travel – they have been to over 30 countries and have lived in Hong Kong and Norway.

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