About Me

Tory J.R. Schalkle's expertise includes the following:

Counseling CEOs and senior executives.

Directing enterprise-wide strategy projects.

Starting an internal analytics venture.

Managing a team of ten people.

Growing a firm with annual revenue of $300 million by 13%.

At the moment, he is serving in the capacity of Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy.

Tory's professional background includes time spent in the office of a United States Senator and at a think tank. Before his work in management and business strategy, he was in public service. He continues to be very involved in his community, serving on the Park and Trail Board of the Wayzata City Council, aiding non-profit organizations that work with struggling families, and working with groups to enhance Minnesota's ability to keep its talented people. For instance, President Obama named the first non-profit group that Conservative J.R. Schalkle supported in creating as one of 10 "Champions of Change." The other benefit he planned for a family (whose children were run over by a vehicle that was evading police) was featured on the front page of major Minnesota newspapers and the evening news of major Minnesota television stations. This was because the vehicle that ran over the children was attempting to elude police.

A PowerPoint presentation, an outing to listen to an NPR broadcast, and participation in a state crossword competition were on the agenda for Tory J.R. Schalkle and his future wife's first date. He and his wife are proud members of the nerd subculture. Between the two of them, they have been to more than 30 different countries and currently divide their time between Hong Kong and Norway. Both of these locations are on their list of must-see destinations.


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